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Might not be the first thing on your mind when you book a holiday… but having a sustainable holiday might actually result in a better experience as it could mean getting more involved in the local community of your chosen destination.

Research your destination

You’ll likely find out interesting things about the local climate and culture, about great things to see and do in the destination and maybe even pick up a few words of the local language (this is normally really appreciated by locals).

Make the travel part of the holiday

There are an increasing number of destinations which are accessible by different modes of transport from the UK. Consider taking the train to destinations that are accessible through high speed rail links and ask your travel provider for details on this. However, just because you fly it doesn’t mean your holiday is unsustainable.
There are huge socio-economic benefits brought in by tourism and so the drawbacks of flying should always be weighed up against the benefits tourism brings to local communities.

Explore your surroundings

When you’re in the destination make sure you get out and explore your surroundings.
Speak to your tour operator, travel agent or the hotel staff to find out about the must-see sites and great things to do and see how you can work them into your holiday plans.
Will it be a morning on the beach followed by an afternoon market visit where you pick up the perfect gifts or treat yourself? Or maybe a day of pampering and then a delicious dinner at a local restaurant where you excite your taste buds after relaxing your senses.


When you’re back and you tried some or all of the above and you had a better holiday, share your experiences with friends and families and help them to have a better holiday next time they travel..

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