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About Us

Travel Designer


Come explore the world of “VOGUE TRAVELLER” are “The Travel Designers” doing things differently! Our experience affirms travel holds unlimited possibilities, we create exceptional experiences for our elite clients. We believe its time for change and the age of Vogue travelers is starting now. With a global collection of luxury hotels, private residences, yachts and luxury hideaways, we use our local knowledge of worldwide destinations to deliver an unrivalled blend of culture and luxury for every traveler. As a travel-designer we create trips that you cannot just book online, trips for travelers and dreamers.
We are a full-service travel designing company specializing in designing itineraries with our client’s preferences and best their interests in mind. Our goal is making sure our clients receive the absolute best service available. Whether you are looking for a private island resort, a European vacation, a luxury hotel, safari out of box and much more we do it all and we do it right! we have grown exclusively through word of mouth and are a proud to hold a reputation for unmatched attention to detail.

Who are We
Chetan Sethi and Nadia Sethi form an exceptional entrepreneurial ‘’Power Couple’’ working together for over two decades now. They have scaled the heights as hoteliers in UK and UAE and now launching their own Travel Designers company. They believe “It’s extremely cliché, but also extremely true………two heads are better than one.” 

Nadia Sethi is an experienced Managing Director, Entrepreneur and Board Level Director with extensive experience in the Hospitality & Travel Industry from UK. She has Co-founded Hotelconfirm (The premiere Travel designers company) with her proven track record on Senior leadership roles in United Kingdom and Highly developed skills in business management, sales, product development, finance and technology and having hands on experience of digital marketing channels she is in the right market and at right time to scale Hotelconfirm to new heights. At hotelconfirm our viewpoint is to always exceed expectations, and the vision is to identify opportunities to expand the product portfolio to satisfy changing market dynamics. For her Hotelconfirm believes experiences will define the future of Travel Industry. She says-” I feel honored to be leading a solid operational team and with their support Hotelconfirm is coming forward to open new doors of ultimate luxury and customer-service to the market. We believe presence of hotelconfirm will raise the standards in Travel industry for travelers.

Chetan Sethi a highly accomplished and experienced Executive Director, commercially focused professional within the hospitality, travel and leisure sector. With extensive global experience of more than two decades in leading large-scale transformation change in hospitality sector, project management, hotel development, pre-opening and management for exclusive hotels & Resorts he is co-founder of hotelconfirm. With great passion for travel and with a proven track record and great expertise in all aspects of the hospitality, travel & leisure he has added an extra-ordinary, highly professional and effective team to hotelconfirm. With extensive experience in developing strong intercultural and interpersonal skills acquired through working in Dubai, United Kingdom and South-East Asia he assures you “Hotelconfirm will deliver you a Travel of Lifetime charged with adrenalin you will experience a dream Holiday with us.”

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