Antarctica – Eternal Wilderness

Photo credit- Pixabay Papafox

No place compares to Antarctica on the travellers bucket list. It is simply stunning with vast white wilderness, snow, ice, water, rocks….. Do you ever wish to become part of the nature series and explore the wild cold nature when it is stunningly beautiful, or you wish to get away from the buzz of the cities to a destination where nature is louder than humans, then Antarctica is a destination for you. Lately, it has become a destination high on the travellers map and is considered one of the most pristine landscapes in the world.

Here we offer top 05 reasons for you to travel to Antarctica-

It is cold and so remote that you can call it a Virgin destination for now- Contrary to people’s belief cold destinations literally welcome you if you are dressed up well, warm and well equipped to handle the cold it doesn’t take you longer to feel you have become part of the vast landscape and then the true adventure starts. It is so remote that it does not have traces of any human settlements, today also when you travel Antarctica awaits you “It is just for you”.

It is a destination which does not seem to be earthly– It is an alien inhabitant right at our doorstep waiting to be explored. If you aspire to travel to destinations that have this alien feel then this is a destination for you.

Wildlife-  The mysterious continent is host to abundant wildlife from seals, to whales, polar bears, dolphins, seagulls and much more. All life in Antarctica depends on the ice around the continent. And there are some episodes of nature’s harmony that forces you to ask yourself how much wildlife is enjoying here like when a leopard seal grows tired of eating but still wants to be entertained, they’ll seek out penguins or young seals to play “cat and mouse” with

Icebergs in Antarctica are not the regular Icebergs you see; the density of the icebergs around you will increase as we travel deeper and closer to the continent. Be prepared to be held in awe as these floating rocks of ice will be all around you and you will never experience the same at other destinations.

Photographer’s Delight this is a destination which will force the photographer in you to come to life. It will present to you an opportunity of a lifetime. The nature around is held in such a pristine environment that it is not shy to pose for you. Reach out to your camera to shoot the penguins as they are not scared of humans and they pose amazingly well. The captivating landscape and the clear skies set a stage for you to capture images which will be living experiences.

So mark Antarctica as your next destination to be explored.

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