Bordeaux – French City

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Our next classic destination is Bordeaux- A French City

Bordeaux isn’t just a city with the same name as the famous French wine. With 350 historical buildings and monuments, dozens of museums and art galleries, a brand new wine experience center and some of the best food in all of France, its no wonder even the Parisians are leaving Paris for Bordeaux.

●       Bordeaux is a vibrant French city with cobbled pedestrian lanes dotted with shopping and out-door activities. Rue Saint Catherine is Europe’s longest pedestrian shopping street at 1.2 kilometers. If you stand at the top at Place de la Comedie, you can marvel at how the street dips down before slightly ascending upward again when it reaches its end at Place de la Victoire.

●       Bordeaux is the world’s largest urban world heritage site cradling 18 sq-Kms of Unesco-listed treasure. Its architecture is world class. Contemporary architects continue the trend for excellence, with breathtakingly wild and beautiful creations resembling giant wine decanters, gleaming white pebbles, all sorts.

●      It’s one of France’s most bicycle friendly cities- Much of Bordeaux’s center is car-free and with the VCub bike-share, it’s easy to grab a bicycle from one of the cities many stations to explore.

●       The Bordeaux wines are famous worldwide and one of the main reasons why Bordeaux is worth visiting for wine lovers. There are many Chateaux you can visit from Bordeaux.The Bordeaux region is home to nearly 8,000 wine chateaux producing some 700 million bottles each year.

●       It’s one of the best foodie cities in the world -Bordeaux is the best of both worlds with its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the Dordogne. France’s most famous oysters come from the Arcachon Bay just 30 miles from the city and France’s best foie gras comes from the Aquitaine.

So if you are looking for a classic city to visit in France then Bordeaux should be a city of choice, please click here for more details about our packages.

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