Budapest | A mesmerizing flavour of 3 cities packed in one city

Budapest, the Hungarian capital is one of Europe’s most impressive cities! It barely takes three hours by train or by bus from Vienna to Budapest.

Did you know – The capital has two sides, Buda and Pest, stretching along the banks of the Danube, representing two different characters of the city.

Suburban Buda and its historic castle district offer medieval streets and houses, museums, caves and Roman ruins. The dynamic Pest side boasts the largest parliament building in Europe, riverside promenades, flea markets, bookstores, antique stores and café houses. Budapest was created when three cities joined together: Óbuda, Buda and Pest. Because of this, you get to enjoy three cities, all in one place. While Buda is usually associated with stately quarters and high class, Pest is where you will find the largest part of the population and so-called urban living. Both cities are connected by the construction of the magnificent bridge of Széchenyi (known as the ‘Chain Bridge.’) Danube is the river that halves Budapest to Buda and  pest.

Budapest has the oldest metro in Europe. Nobody knows the origin of Hungarian language spoken there. So for your next destination try Budapest- Take a walk along the Danube river; spend time exploring the suburban Buda with its medieval architecture, Roman ruins & mysterious caves; then head to the vibrant Pest with its buzzing ruin bars, flea markets, and antique shops!

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