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Gazing into an icy chasm from a glass box strung on a wire? Travelling up the mountains can be scary, but let’s be honest, it’s thrilling, too. For those who do not enjoy hiking and gliding is a little too dicey, the cable car offers a great option to experience the scenic delights surrounding the city.We’ve rounded up the most amazing, so clamber aboard for a hair-raising ride.    

  • Titlis Rotair Gondola Ride– This is the world’s first fully rotating gondola, which slowly spins around 360 degrees during its five-minute trip towards the summit of Mount Titlis from the Engelberg resort. As you travel up 3,020 metres above sea level you can enjoy some spectacular views of deep crevasses and snow-covered mountain peaks. The various restaurants and snack bars at the top mean you can linger on whilst enjoying the views over the central Alps before heading back down.
  • Stanserhorn cabrio– Feel the wind in your hair on the world’s first roofless cable car at Mount Stanserhorn near Lucerne.Flying double decker bus meets convertible car? The so-called CabriO is somewhere along those lines. As the open-top cable car climbs the 1,900-metre Mount Stanserhorn from Stans near Lucerne, passengers can enjoy views over 100 kilometres of Alps and 10 Swiss lakes, as well as fresh air, from its “sun deck”. There is also a panoramic lower deck – with windows – for colder days. It is a world first, of course.
  • Matterhorn Glacier Paradise– Zermatt’s Matterhorn Glacier Paradise network of mountain lifts connects the Valais resort with the highest cable car station in Europe (3,883 metres above sea level). During the 45-minute journey by gondola then cable car, which transports you across glacial crevasses, you can listen to commentary about the engineering work, as well as take photos of famous summits such as the Matterhorn and Weisshorn – there are 38 four-thousanders in the area.
  • Vanoise Express (Les Arcs, France)- This gondola, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2013, connects the French ski resorts of Les Arcs and La Plagne.  To mark the occasion, French tightrope walkers Julien Millot and Tancrede Melet crossed a 186-foot gap between two gondola cars. In 2014, the resorts staged a Sky Diner event, letting passengers spend an evening inside one of the gondolas eating traditional mountain cuisine.Each of the double-decker cabins can carry 200 passengers and the 1,824-meter (5,984 feet) journey takes just four minutes.
  • Zugspitze, Germany– The Zugspitze is 2962 meters the highest mountain in Germany and is located in southern Bavaria , on the border between Germany and Austria . The Tiroler Zugspitzbahn is a funicular , located near the town of Ehrwald in the Tyrol in Austria on the border with Germany . The cable car provides access to the Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany , on the border between Germany and Austria.
  • Aiguille du midi – Chamonix – France- Once the Aiguille du Midi was the highest cable car in the world, the cable car takes you from Chamonix to an altitude of 3777 meters, after you go through the famous walkway you walk to another elevator . This takes you to the peak at 3842 meters. With an exceptional view of Mont Blanc and other mountains in a 360 degree panorama . Make sure you go on a good day ; Mont Blanc is governed completely surrounded by clouds , so you get to see anything.
  • Monte Baldo , Italy- This takes only 10 minutes to climb 1700 meters to the summit of Monte Baldo which is 1800 meters high. The last 100 meters you can walk, go on a mountain bike or even take a horse. The summit of Monte Baldo includes a beautiful terrace with a panoramic view of not only the lake but also the snow covered peaks of the Alps , the Po plain and the impressive Dolomites.
  • Wildspitz Bahn , Austria- Get with the highest cable car in Austria ( 3440 m) with breathtaking views of the new viewing platform ! Austria ‘s highest cable car takes you in only 6 minutes all the way up to the upper Brunnenkogel . The new Wildspitz Bahn and the Cafe 3440 will enchant you with their extraordinary architecture and offers the mountain station a breathtaking view.

So next travelling to Europe get on to one of the Cable cars and get a bird’s eye view of Picturesque landscapes. For more details about our packages, please click here.

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