Florence – Stunning City

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Our next destination in Italy is Florence – simply stunning city! Whether you are in the middle of the city looking at a view down the River Arno, or whether you are standing up above Florence on the Piazzale Michelangelo looking over the cityscape, the views are stunning and it’ll take your breath away – morning, noon and night. Visiting Florence is worth it just for the views! But there is more, much more…!

It is one of the most charming cities in Italy, full of history, art and beautiful architecture, all with a small town feel. Although Florence may not be the first city that comes to mind when you think of Italy, it will definitely be one of your favourites after you’ve visited. Florence is the birthplace of Renaissance- Everyone knows about the Renaissance, but learning about it in school and experiencing where it all began first hand are two entirely different things. Every corner you turn has a new story, an interesting fun fact and a gorgeous building or piece of art that cannot be missed.

Florence, gives you a town feel even though it’s a city, it just feels calmer than other famous tourist cities in Italy. Given its interesting medieval and enlightenment period history, there are plenty of hidden secrets and scandals in the city of Florence that makes it a treasure to be discovered. Florence rivals many other cities’ gorgeous cathedrals with its crowning jewel, the main cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Dating back hundreds of years with interesting controversies, the church is so grand that without knowing one thing about it, you stand in awe at its beauty. It has always been full of artists, scientists, specialists and eternal students thanks to the Renaissance. Over the generations of artists passing down their craft and the city’s existing creative reputation, artistic people have flocked to Florence from all over the world due to the creative energy that the city seems to emit so effortlessly.

Enjoy Florence next time you plan a trip to Italy.

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