Indonesia – Where you become one with nature

Photo credit Pixabay MariaMichelle

This beguiling nation of over 17,800 islands has massive potential for adventures. It’s hard to beat Indonesia for the sheer range of experiences on offer. It will be hard to cover all the islands in one lifetime that is what Indonesia got to offer you. A country which never ceases to disappoint you when traveling there. It is home to over 100 distinct native ethnic and linguistic groups with varied flora and fauna spread over varied landscapes it has to offer. Literally we are overwhelmed with the reasons to travel to Indonesia and we struggle to get which one to list here.

This is the 4th most populous country on planet earth. The people are as radically different from each other as the variety of landscapes you’ll see, with every island a unique blend. Over time, deep and rich cultures have evolved, from the mysteries of the spiritual Balinese to the ancient animist belief system of the Asmat people of Papua.

The countless pristine beaches, the magical Bali with its vibrant cultures, lush landscapes of rice fields and dotted with incredible beach resorts, Raja Ampat- quiet getaway in an idyllic land with untouched natural beauty, diverse wildlife, luxurious affordable relaxation retreats, world’s most active volcanoes, mesmerizing white lakes and much more make it a destination for all. Dramatic sights are a norm here and this intoxicating land offers some of the last great adventures on earth.

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