Thailand – The country of Bounties

Photo Credit- Pixabay Peggy_Marco

Thailand literally lures the visitors to travel to it. Thailand has emerged as one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. We look into the reasons that people love to travel to this exotic destination?

The first and the foremost reason that makes a destination popular with travelers are the Affordable lodging and Food. Most currencies go long way when traveling to Thailand. The country is literally dotted with the lodging of all ranges to make it a welcoming country. The Thai food is adorned throughout the world and Thai food is so delicious and diverse that visitors should never have to eat the same dish twice.

Once the basics are sorted we are all set to explore the pristine beaches in this year-round sun shining destination. It has some of the best beaches in the world with stunning Vistas, warm clear water, and marine life to explore on snorkeling and scuba diving.

Thailand is known as a land of smiles, and all visitors are warmly welcomed here. Thai locals are warm and gentle and extremely respectful of their guests. Their hospitality is considered to be world-class. Every visit here leaves you feeling great. Thai people are traditionally friendly, or at least perceived to be so. The country definitely has a friendly cheerful vibes from its culture

The country is full of Buddha statues. Some are standing, some are sleeping, and others are just meditating. They come in all sizes and are made of stone, metal, or emeralds. There are more than 40,000 Buddhist temples in the country, and each has its unique character. You can explore some of the best temples in Thailand, as well as surrounding countries.

So if you are looking for culture-rich cheap destination then let Thailand be on your travel list!

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