The Charming Cambodia

Early this year start your travel diary with Cambodia where the ancient and the modern world collides to create an authentic adventure. November to January is the best time to visit Cambodia with January as the driest month and the temperature peaking to 26C making it the perfect time to explore and relax.  The contemporary Cambodia is the successor state of the mighty Khmer Empire. The remains are the empire can be seen in the present-day temples of Angkor.

Cambodia has it all from postcard perfect islands, Tarzan worthy jungles and ancient temples. But a visit that does not cover the rural Cambodia is incomplete. It is in the countryside that visitors where the true hospitality of Cambodian locals is found. The stunning natural landscape and the slower pace of life will take you to a land of Khmer empire in real time.

Besides this spare yourself some time to explore the pretty cool collection of deserted tropical islands dotting Cambodia’s map. Trek through the south-east Asia’s largest remaining rain-forest and get to see a variety of endangered and rare wildlife. If you have a day to spare sail along The Mighty Mekong river, slicing through 06 countries from Tibet to Vietnam.

Cambodia is truly a travellers delight as it offers a variety of options to sooth the travellers soul.

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