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Bond 007 Trail



Brush off the tuxedo, travel at high speeds, and journey into the world of 007. If you’re a die-hard 007 fan, then look no further than London. You don’t need “00” clearance to know that James Bond calls London home. Explore the birthplace of James Bond by visiting Mayfair and see the blue plaque erected at 22b Ebury Street. Tantalize your senses by enjoying the afternoon tea at the location of the 1995 Bond epic “Goldeneye”. Head to “The O2” climb up its roof and discover iconic views of London one of the key venues used in another Pierce Brosnan flick, 1999’s “The World Is Not Enough.” Head on inside and see a concert, visit an exhibition, or relax in one of The O2’s many restaurants and bars.

Head up Western Europe’s tallest building, The Shard, and enter its famous observation deck at The View from the Shard. You can look out over London and see many of the sites that have featured in Bond films, including City Hall, Westminster Abbey and of course Thames House, the headquarters of MI5. Discover where fiction becomes reality as you visit locations associated with the real world of espionage, including the actual headquarters for MI6.

Transport yourself onto a Thames Rocket boat and speed along the route taken by the secret agent in 2015’s “Spectre” as you experience a Bond-esque exhilarating thrill-ride. Take in some culture at the National Gallery and, if you find yourself in the Gallery Room 34, you will be in the same room where Bond first encountered Q in 2012’s “Skyfall.”

Marvel at Somerset House’s grand interior courtyard, a location masquerading as St Petersburg in Goldeneye. If all this action has left you with quite an appetite, head to Rules Restaurant, for luxury cuisine, and dine where the likes of Bond stars M, Q and Moneypenny have all dined, most recently in “Spectre.” Or head to Dukes Hotel, where Fleming was inspired to write in a dry martini (“shaken not stirred”, of course) as Bond’s favourite drink.

Don’t forget your camera as there will be plenty of opportunities to take pictures as you walk in the footsteps of James Bond and real-life British spies.

This sexy, glamorous and action packed itinerary offers the ultimate James Bond London experience. Send us your details there is more to explore.

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