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Cruising gives you the freedom and choice to say “why not” to countless new on-board experiences.

To compliment the finest destinations in the world our collection has access to the finest collection of sailing boats, Cruises, Yachts and Superyachts to suit any occasion. Whether you want an afternoon on the water, a fully branded PR trip, a week or two at sea or a just a gentle hop between islands we have experienced Captains with local knowledge, exceptional on-board catering and access to some of the world most special private yachts owner’s collections. We offer you a collection of fabulous world-wide cruise destinations- from the sun kissed Caribbean & Pacific islands to the scenic beauty of Alaska, from the cultural & historical cities of Europe to exotic Arab & Asian lands.

There are certain periods when cruising becomes particularly magical. From pole to pole and east to west, there are a plethora of cruising options to experience nature’s majesty or simply celebrate the bounty of the four seasons.

  • Caribbean Sun in the British Winter:- Explore our cruises offering sun rich Caribbean destinations where stunning vistas, seductive beaches and shimmering seas will transport you to a holiday haven. Get blown away by the breathtaking views from the heights, where steel drums and a sunset cocktail will leave you with a memory of lifetime.
  • Galapagos by Cruise:- One of the most efficient and enjoyable ways to explore the Galapagos Islands is on a live-aboard cruise ship. The Galapagos is a year-round destination, and nature-loving visitors can expect to be stunned by the flora and fauna in any month. A visit to the Ecuadorian islands is a science fiction adventure — ship as time machine visiting a prehistoric land of volcanic eruptions, alien cactus trees, swimming iguanas, flightless birds and tortoises of lumbering immensity. A cruise, which lets visitors efficiently trace remarkable evolutionary variations from island to island, is the most immersive way to see the destination
  • Northern Lights from October to March:-  Few places promise darker skies where northern lights shine brightest and dance longest. Northern lights cruises sail mostly the northern coast of Norway, and some venture to Iceland and Greenland. Passengers see snow-smothered fishing villages with buildings painted in primary colors, bustling commercial ports and austere, monochromatic tundra capes.
  • Christmas Fly Cruise:-  Christmas is an extremely special time of year, which require the celebration to match. So what better way to make the most of the festive season, than with a Christmas cruise? Celebrating Christmas on board. Have a magical and memorable experience. One filled with fine traditions, beautiful Christmas trees, special menus, festive entertainment and a carol or two in the Grand Lobby.
  • Mediterranean in Summer Cruise:- On a Western Mediterranean cruise you can admire Spanish and Italian art & architecture, as well as the stunning French Riviera. In the Eastern Mediterranean, the sun-kissed ports & Greek isles will charm you with their picturesque towns & villages, olive groves and historical treasures. Immerse yourself in rich culture & fascinating history with out-of- this-world tours and excursions during your Mediterranean cruise vacation.
  • Easter Cruises:- Easter is a great time to get away for a holiday, enjoy some early sunshine and explore new destinations. Not only is it a religious celebration, it’s also one of the biggest and most anticipated long weekends of the year. The Easter long weekend is no exception, and the perfect period in which you could fit in your long awaited cruising holiday! Whether you’re a first timer or seasoned cruiser you’ll need to book early as cabins will be selling fast.
  • Baltic Sea in Summer:- Discover fascinating history, cutting edge design and breathtaking natural beauty on your unforgettable cruise to the Baltic. Be captivated by the light on the long summer evenings, which gives way to open air festivities and fun. A holiday to the Baltic is simply unmissable, so why not book yours today?
  • South America in Winter:- Visit some of the most amazing ports-of-call in the world, featuring attractions that even the most jaded travelers would enjoy when you cruise to South America. South America is a cruise destination that offers something for everyone. Deep rooted cultures left the remains of their great civilizations for you to explore. Tranquil beaches await those eager for a swim in the clear waters or a sunbathing session in the shining sun.
  • Fixed departures from UAE:- We offer range of Fixed departures from Dubai get in touch to know the next fixed departure.
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