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To compliment the finest destinations in the world our collection has access to the finest collection of sailing boats, Cruises, Yachts and Super Yachts to suit any occasion. Whether you want an afternoon on the water, a fully branded PR trip, a week or two at sea or a just a gentle hop between islands we have experienced Captains with local knowledge, exceptional on-board catering and access to some of the world most special private yachts owner’s collections.

There are certain periods when cruising becomes particularly magical. From pole to pole and east to west, there are a plethora of cruising options to experience nature’s majesty or simply celebrate the bounty of the four seasons.

  • Caribbean Sun in the British Winter
  • Galapagos by Cruise
  • Northern Lights from October to March
  • Christmas Fly Cruise
  • Mediterranean in Summer Cruise
  • Easter Cruises
  • Baltic Sea in Summer
  • South America in Winter
  • Fixed departures from UAE- We offer range of Fixed departures from Dubai get in touch to know the next fixed departure.
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