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Exploring Cultures and Destinations


Celebrating the destinations, we visit discovering people, cultures and the natural wonders of the world is at the heart of our journeys. Whether it’s food and wine, art and architecture, fashion, adventure activities or just wandering around markets.

Discover inspiring heritage to get a real sense of traditions, old and new, giving you an authentic understanding of the local communities and an experience of the historical essence of your destination.

Whether it’s exploring how the dramatic Scotland weaves its magic through haunting air of mystery that cloaks the highlands Or travelling through Bali experiencing its culture steeped in a rich tradition and spirituality that focuses mainly on art and religion, with the two often expressed through each other; Our packages offer an amazing concoction of culture, history, architecture, unparallel scenery, mind-blowing landscapes and hospitable people. We offer you a luxurious Unique tailor-made package of a lifetime.

The hardest bit of travelling sometimes is not deciding whether to go but deciding where to go. We offer bespoke holiday experiences throughout the world, combined with expert local knowledge and the human touch, making no two journeys the same.

England & Scotland

Planning a holiday to the UK? Discover everything you need to know about visiting Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland with our UK Tour. Visit some of the most splendid cities that have emerged from the British Isles’ spellbinding history and brings you up close and personal with a wonderful variety of the region’s best-loved visitor attractions.

Iceland, Norway Sweden, Denmark, Lapland

In this tour explore the countries where pristine nature blends seamlessly with chic modernity. Where towering mountains cradle majestic glaciers and lush forests are dimpled by crystalline lakes Welcome to the north of Europe.

Dubai & Muscat

Discover luxurious Dubai and Muscat, with world-class tourism and magnificent tailored destinations. Explore a wide range of choices and start planning your trip now!

Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia

No other region offers the sheer variety of culture, scenery, wildlife and adventure as South East Asia. Each trip includes stylish accommodation amongst the action, heaps of free time to play and explore, mouth-watering local food and purpose-built transport.

Paris, Rome, Zurich

Get customized Incredible experiences to European cities. See it all on a journey to history, culture, nature’s abundance and fall in Love with the city.

Armenia, Georgia & Yerevan

We have range of Fixed Departures from Dubai to these destinations.


Europe with us

“A wealth of history and fascinating cultures to explore”

From England and France to Italy and Germany and  Slovenia’s Alpine lakes to Turkey’s sun-beaten coast, European countries are full of vibrant cities known for their museums, restaurants, nightlife and architecture, so deciding which one to visit can be difficult. Discover the variations of places on your journey. Visit iconic sights such as Athens striking Acropolis, exploring Chernobyl’s exclusion zone, Moscow’s grand Soviet architecture or Norway’s breathtaking beautiful view.

Europe is one incredibly awesome continent to explore! With so many things to see, do and discover, it’s the perfect place to plan your travelling adventure and immerse yourself in its diversity of cultures, history and delicious foods! Our travel tips before you travel to Europe-

  • Travelling to EU you will need Schengen visa but that will not give you access to all european countries. If you are travelling to UK, Ireland and more you will require country specific visa. So let us check for your visa requirement when planning a trip to Europe.
  • Everyone uses public transport in Europe- Did you know UK prime-minister has been known to taking the public transport when going to the office. Get the real flavour of Europe by using the public transport.
  • Flights are a bargain- Flights can become incredibly cheap in EU, the cheapest recent sold was at £4 from London to Gothenburg in 2017, but these are budget carriers and they won’t allow check-in bags
  • Trains are costly in Europe- Did you know train journey could cost you a fortune, specially peak times- opt for off-peak tickets they can be a bit better. Let us know and we will look for best connections for you.
  • Accommodations in EU can be really costly if you are not cognizant of the property location- Did you know the city center or downtown hotels in Europe can really blow away your budget. They can charge you a fortune if you happen to book them on busy times. Want to know more about accommodation in EU let us know.
  • Food in Europe- Europe is an unnamed culinary destination for us. European’s love for Chocolate and Cheese, their indulgent Bakeries, sumptuous pastries, glorious wines and Scotch on the rocks is not a secret anymore. Be prepared to gain few pounds when you travel to Europe.
  • Weather in Europe- Well most of the times when travelling to Europe you expect the weather to be cold or pleasant in summers, but be prepared to experience hot Europe as well. With global warming the whole earth is experiencing topsy-turvy temperatures. South of Europe has seen temperatures upto 40C as well but North of Europe remain still pleasant in summer months. Many cities in Europe are known to experience 4 weathers in 24 hours be prepared for the temperature swings in North Europe
  • Unplanned emergency- We  strongly advise to cover all your trips with a travel insurance. Medics can be a real put away for you if you are not prepared. Buy yourself a travel insurance and travel with peace of mind.

Our European Explorer tour Features days of stunning scenery, art, history and culture, the tour offers the perfect choice for travelers looking to explore the best bits of Europe. Explore the mighty rivers, canyons and mountain ranges across glittering cities and tiny villages – possibilities are almost endless. We offer Europe tour which  is operated in air-conditioned coaches are fitted with on-board entertainment and toilet; free Wi-Fi at all hotels and experienced, knowledgeable tour leaders are just some of what you can expect when travelling with us to Europe in winter, spring or summer. Couples, families and singles are all invited to join us for the ultimate holiday, as we set out on an unforgettable adventure!

This tour departs from April to September. A top choice European getaway, highlights include the best holiday destinations on earth – Paris, Barcelona, Florence, Rome, Switzerland and more. Different countries and countless sights, sounds, tastes and memories can all be taken back home in this tour.


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