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Few Travel Tips for new travellers!!

Travel is amazing if you do it right!!  But for some people who have never travelled in or outside their own country it is a daunting journey to undertake, what to expect, how to seek help if in trouble etc.? They have many questions. So below I am sharing few tips for the new bees in travel. At the end of the day travel is our age thing and let the love for travel grow even more in your heart.

1. Start from somewhere easy: – Some places are easier to travel than other places. If it’s your first time than start exploring the neighborhood international destinations. For example if you live in Denmark than start exploring destinations like Ireland, Sweden, Finland and others. Try to stay close to your cultural countries as you don’t want yourself experiencing a cultural shock. Cross cultural travel is testing for seasoned travellers as well.

2. Be Adventurous: – It is good to challenge yourself, take risks, and try new things. Adventures makes any trip memorable. Job fills your pocket and adventure fills your soul! But we have to do a lot of homework before we explore our adventurous edge, thanks to google it has made our lives easy. Connect with people who have taken the adventure trails read about their experiences, learn what are the pre-requisites of undertaking the adventure you are planning.

3. Travel insurance is everything: – Guys this is the one thing which you should do before travelling anywhere globally. Many travellers consider this as an additional cost but just imagine how it equates to the peace of mind. Note when you buy a travel insurance the companies are smart they have done lot of homework for you and they have their insight on the destinations as well. Brief conversation with them helps you understand what to expect from the destination. This is a very handy tip to stay safe.

4. Get your phone sorted out: – Get your smartphones unlocked so that when you travel you can purchase and use the local Sims rather than buying costly travel plans form your home country. Local Sims are cheaper and one can use the data on low rates. Buy big Data bundles as with so many apps calling is for free then. So stay connected with all your friends and family while traveling.

5. The right luggage: – Select the right travel bag for yourself, avoid using the big bags (I find them cumbersome) unless you are going for some skiing or hiking destinations. Buy a smaller bag than you think you might need because they are easy to carry. I have another tip for you- might sound right for you. We are living in an age where the flight cost can vary hugely when we buy tickets- with check in baggage or without check in baggage. Sometimes this cost variation is so much you wonder if this is worth it. I have travelled on a no check in baggage with a hand bag (usually the range hand bag allowance is 7 Kilos at a lower end) this 7 kilos I have used to carry things which I cannot manage without. Then later when in town I reach out to the cheap stores and use the money saved to buy myself clothing and accessories. Imagine having a new wardrobe in every destination. Later before departure I put it away for charity. In any case I was supposed to lose the money on the ticket. Second thing which I have managed to achieve with this is I always get the clothing befitting the place. If you are from the cold country obviously you do not have summer clothing and you will not use them when you are back home. SMART NO!!!

6. Pack Light: – Aha! Well if you want to take your own stuff be vary of over stuffing your bags. That’s the most difficult task to Pack Light! Everyone over packs for every trip – I know I did the same because I used to do that in past. When you will return home you can find many items in your bag which you never used. So enjoy LIGHT!!

7. Booking Hotels: – Book a property which is in your budget. There is no fun in spending money on a property when you can actually spend it on your other trips or tour. The key thing to note is the local transport in major cities like London, Paris etc. they have excellent connections locally. Prefer to book a hotel close to the public transport stops it gets more convenient. But this can also take a deep hit to your pocket if you are in the city centre. If you move a little away you will get the right hotel befitting your pocket and neither is the transport cost high. If you find a very cheap property and it is 50 miles away from city-centre imagine the cost you end up paying for transport.

8. Friendly Apps: – When we travel we come across languages not native to us. Download the apps like translator with it you will make your conversations easy. There are many free apps available just use them. I usually make sure to learn the greetings and basic words for yes, no, thank you and sorry. The next set of words I prefer to learn are the bad words in any language honestly this tip really helps. If you don’t want to be cheated or want to stay safe a quick learning on bad words will help a lot.

9. The right gear: – Carry the right gears with you like the laptops or earphones or power bank. The pins used for the chargers around the globe are different. Invest in a small handy global convertor it will leave you fully charged and not drained.

10. Medicines: – When travelling first time we don’t know about the places, so it’s better if we carry some emergency medicines with us. Basic kit will help you. If you are on any specific medication take extra supply. Keep your self-covered for an extra week just making sure you don’t end up without your much required medication? Make sure to take safety jabs before you travel.

These were few basic tips when planning first time to any place. So what are you waiting for; plan something for yourself, explore the world, celebrate your special days, enjoy safaris or cruise on the sparkling water. Take your selfies and create your own travel album full of memories. Once a year go somewhere you’ve never been before.


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