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Langham Haunted Hotel

The Langham , England’s first “Grand hotel” built in 1865. It has the honor of accommodating royalties, foreign dignitaries and celebrities in luxury for over 150 years. The Hotel is located in the West End close to some of the best shopping areas in the country. As a member of the Leading Hotels of the World marketing Consortium it is one of the largest and best known traditional style grand hotels in London. But in its luxurious rooms lies a darker secret.

“The Langham is thought to be the most haunted hotel in the whole of London. Feel the shiver running down the spine in Room no. 333 which is considered to be the most haunted of all the rooms. The most common sighting is of a German prince who jumped out of a high window from the fourth floor to his death. Guests have seen this ghost moving through walls and closed doors and he is often accompanied by a sudden drop in temperature “

Few more Spooky stories from many:-

1. A ghost who has a thing for tipping guests out of bed while they’re sleeping.

2. A butler seen wandering the corridors.

3. A man with a gaping wound on his face. Etc..

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