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Heartfulness is all about living by the Heart. The purpose of Heartfulness Meditation is to reconnect to our higher Self within, so as to reveal the infinite potential of the heart. As we learn to meditate deeply, let go of all mental complexities and tune in to the heart, a sense of inner balance and calmness emerges. The whole exercise of fine-tuning the heart with the mind happens through meditation on the heart.



Human Resources - 2018, Sheraton Grand Dubai

“Our aim was to have Heartfulness sessions at work during business hours to help associates to reenergize they body, mind and soul. On the first Hearltfulness session not many associates attended the session but whoever attended they felt very nice about the session and gave feedback to have more meditation sessions.
After attending couple of Heartfulness Meditation sessions the associates felt very happy, they found the new energy in themselves. Most of them requested to have these sessions monthly. We found the numbers were increasing by every session.
We would like to thank you and appreciate this session being conducted free of cost considering well being of associates.”

Human Resources - 2018, Al Bustan Center and Residences

“It was a superb 45-minute session that allowed our heart, mind and body to feel free from any tension, stress, anger and related work anxiety.  It was a pure bliss of calmness and peace of mind.
We shall certainly look forward to another session and make this a regular practice whether on our own, or along with our friends and colleagues.
We appreciate the time and expertise of heartfulness trainers.  Thank you once again, for giving the opportunity to our colleagues, to experience this unique wellness and meditation program.”

Individual Comments, Anonymous
  • “In the beginning, I  was hesitant to join but after some time, I suddenly felt energy flowing in from my foot towards my body and as our Mentor, continued to talk to us, to feel the divine energy, everything became so peaceful and I started feeling so relaxed especially after the session. Simply Loved It”
  • “I was feeling angry in the beginning due to a personal incident I had in the morning and this was the thought I had in the beginning. After the heartfulness session, I felt so happy and everything I had earlier was gone. It was Terrific!”
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