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Our Designer Services



Come explore the world of “VOGUE TRAVELLER” are “The Travel Designers” doing things differently! Our experience affirms travel holds unlimited possibilities, we create exceptional experiences for our elite clients. We believe it’s time for change and the age of Vogue travelers is starting now. With a global collection of luxury hotels, private residences, yachts and luxury hideaways, we use our local knowledge of worldwide destinations to deliver an unrivalled blend of culture and luxury for every traveler. As a travel-designer we create trips that you cannot just book online, trips for travelers and dreamers.


Our highly skilled team of culture and lifestyle experts design each journey, which is then managed by our travel concierge team – inspired by the flawless expectations that our private client culture brings. Serving both private and corporate travel requests, we have grown exclusively through word of mouth and  are proud to hold a reputation for unmatched attention to detail. Attention to detail and a vast range of luxury holidays with local knowledge gives us an edge to offer exceptional service.

We do it all and We do it right !!

Ground Hosts

At HOTEL CONFIRM we create experiences right from the moment you start planning. We offer a wide network of ground handling teams which will be available to you 24×7 when you travel. Our  journeys are managed by highly experienced ground team who are experts in their destination. We offer exclusive experiences for VIP clients, we orchestrate the experience for you keeping it classified should it be required to do so.

Unmistakably Elegant

Travel is not about tick boxes for social media, it is all about adding the finest experiences that are built to stay with you for a lifetime. Each journey you undertake adds a new flower smelling of memorable experience in the bouquetAll HOTEL CONFIRM journeys are bespoke, and so is our service. Your Personal Account Manager will learn your lifestyle preferences and tailor your service to exceed your expectations every time you travel.

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