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Walking Food tours

Old Dubai is a hub for various Middle Eastern cuisines and melting pot of cultures, making it a must-visit for foodies. Yet, exploring its eating spots is difficult if you’re unfamiliar with Dubai’s different areas and transport networks. This tour lets you dive in with no travel worries and a guide offers extra insight.

Camel Safari

Discover Dubai as it was over 50 years ago and enjoy an evening experiencing many cultural activities such as henna, bubbly and bread making. Learn how to prepare a local recipe handed down from generation to generation, before enjoying a scrumptious traditional 4 course dinner under the Arabian desert star-lit sky. Be entertained with traditional Emirati dances and join in on a cultural drumming session.

Heritage Safari

Experience the most awarded Desert Safari in Dubai. Take a step back in time and experience Dubai as it was 50 years ago. Your professional guide will escort you on a fascinating Dubai desert safari in a museum quality, vintage 1950’s Land Rover. Recognized by the prestigious World Travel Awards as The Middle East’s Leading Desert Safari and the Number 1 Desert Safari in Dubai on TripAdvisor.

Overnight Safari

Extend your heritage experience with an overnight desert safari camping experience at our camp. Take a step back in time and experience Dubai as it was 50 years ago. Your professional guide will escort you on a stunning journey in a museum quality 1950’s Land Rover. No other vehicle offers a more authentic desert experience to spot exotic local wildlife within the pristine Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Watch the sun drop under the horizon as you watch a falcon soar around you. Your Bedouin camp lit with the gentle flames of traditional lamps is nestled inside a private Royal desert retreat.

Platinum Luxury Desert Safari

You are cordially invited for fine dining dinner under the stars inside a Royal desert retreat on this ultimate Luxury Desert Safari. Your chariot is the luxurious Range Rover, the off-road vehicle of choice of royalty, the rich and famous. Your expert Desert Safari Guide will lead you on a gentle journey through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve in search of exotic native wildlife. A delectable dinner at your secluded private set-up nestled inside the exclusive grounds of the Royal desert retreat awaits you.

Private Falconry and Wildlife Safari

Although falconry is a popular sport in the Middle East of the rich and the famous, it is a traditional and highly valued custom which goes beyond just a sport in the UAE. The practice dates back centuries and reflects the Bedouin love and respect for falconry. It was originally used for hunting in the harsh desert environment to supplement the Bedouin diet with meat, such as hare or houbara. Enjoy a delicious breakfast including smoked salmon, caviar, eggs benedict and more in an exclusive desert camp nestled in a Royal desert retreat. Afterwards embark on a guided desert safari in luxury Range Rovers through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve in search of native desert animals. This is your opportunity to view the most carefully preserved wildlife area in Dubai.

Conservation Drive

Escape the heat of the city and discover the pristine desert eco-system inside the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Your professional Safari Guide will skillfully pilot your luxury Range Rover through the reserve in search of the Arabian Oryx, a true modern-day conservation success story; abundant birdlife, desert monitors, gazelles, or maybe even the rare Gordons Wildcat. The reserve is the UAE’s first National Park and is dedicated to preserving the unique and beautiful desert habitat and the hundreds of fascinating flora and fauna species it hosts. This is your opportunity to view the most carefully preserved wildlife area in the UAE. Your day will conclude with a fresh juice, tea/coffee and a delicious breakfast at the famous Al Maha Desert Resort.

Bedouin Life, Falconry and wildlife drive

Experience life as a Bedouin nomad, making a life in Dubai’s unforgiving desert. See how these people herded, hunted, camped, and thrived in this fun, cultural desert safari. ‘Bedouin’ stems from ‘Bedu’, the Arabic term for a ‘desert dweller’. While most people in ancient times settled near rivers, the Bedouin chose the freedom of the open desert. Here, they relied on their ingenuity and grit as they overcame the harsh climate. Your journey starts in the morning, as you’re driven out to the Dubai desert (in air-conditioned comfort). Then, you’ll leave your modern amenities and mount a camel. Ride the “ship of the desert” for 15 minutes, until you arrive at your destination: a nomadic Bedouin camp, presenting a glimpse into authentic Bedouin life. You’ll be greeted in traditional fashion, with rose water, Arabic coffee, and dates. Explore the village, constructed of traditional woven goat hair, wood, and stones; a tribute to the resourcefulness of the nomadic people. You’ll have the chance to meet and chat with Bedouin storytellers, pet farm animals, get up close with the Arabian hunting dogs called Saluki’s and learn about Bedouin-style hunting, and how the deadly combination of falconry and Saluki dogs became their main means of hunting. You will also be able to watch the world’s fastest animal in flight in a spectacular falconry presentation.

Self Drive boat tour

Travel was never meant to be a spectator sport so even with no experience, you can take the controls as you Captain your own thrilling boat on Dubai’s only self-drive boat tour. As fun as a jet ski (but safer), Our boats are sturdy and incredibly easy to drive. Reach speeds over 50 km/h and get ready for the thrill of a lifetime as you journey along Dubai’s iconic coastline, viewing the world famous Burj Al Arab, The Palm Jumeirah Island and Atlantis Resort along the way.
Arrive as a traveler, leave as a Hero!


Catch a glimpse of the Ruler of Dubai’s USD400 million 524 foot private yacht named Dubai. View one of the two identical private islands built in the shape of a palm leaf sit beside the trunk of incredible Palm Jumeirah. Occasionally, home to the Ruler of Dubai’s, the lush tropical island marks the end of an incredible stretch of Dubai coastline.

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