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Personal Travel


Imagine having someone working on your behalf to find the ideal holiday. Whether it is sleeping under the blanket of stars in the desert, visiting ancient sites that bring history to life, Spotting brown bears in Finland, cruising around the world, cycling around the vineyards of Argentina, experiencing the wilderness, seeing the northern lights  or exploring the vogue and romantic destinations. From Small group journeys to once in a lifetime experiences.

Our luxury travel concierge creates journeys which are more than just any other travel itinerary but it is a an EXPERIENCE, which delivers the ultimate in comfort, ease and luxury and blend them with adventures which are the truly unique. We specialize in Premium Travel Management, and we discover and design the most authentic cultural experiences in the world. Our hand-picked collection of experiences reveals the most authentic, luxurious and personal places to visit and explore. From mini-moons,honeymoons, baby-moons and Wellness Retreats to Entrepreneur Island Experiences – we design and refine it especially for you every single time. Our collections are ideal for friends, couples, solo travelers or like-minded explorers.  We are here to start the AGE OF VOGUE TRAVELERS.

Every year we create new and exciting trips to add to our global holidays, giving you choice of vogue destinations far and wide.

Check out our unique collections :-

  • Exploring cultures and destinations
  • Romance and Celebrations.
  • Exclusive Travels

We have both fixed departures and journeys specially curated for special clients of ours for occasions or lifetime holidays. Discover the world on boat journeys, rail journeys, cruise, cycling, festival seasons, walk and trek, wildlife safari or winter holidays. There is holiday category for everyone to select.  Whether a hotel issues or some travel problem our experienced personal travel consultants will keep your trip stress-free. We believe holidays are a time to relax and not stress out on planning. Allow your trips to be journeys of the new age where our goal will be to make your travelling more special, and every vacation a unique and unforgettable adventure.                   

  • Our experience shows you don’t have to spend huge to get the deals in the market; you have dates of travel and we have the know how to make the most of your budget:- With our strong relationships with exotic hotels & tour operators, we are here to offer very competitive rates, and exclusive deals.
  • With our experienced travel designers you save time :- We know you’re busy, so our luxury travel concierge do all the research and running around for you, comparing deals, transfers and tours. We make an itinerary to your brief and budget.
  • We’re here for you:- If something unexpected happens while you’re away, our travel experts is on hand 24/7 to help sort everything out.
  • We’ll go the extra mile:- There’s a reason our clients keep coming back to us. After all, the relationships we build with the customers are just as important to us as the trips we send them on.

So Let’s start exploring our exotic tours & hotels and design something unique for your travel experience.

“Life is too short go, fly, roam, travel & explore, travel is the language of life.”

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