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Spooky Adventure at The Savoy, London

The Savoy hotel is the most renowned luxury, opened in 1889 and situated on the banks of the Thames. It was the first luxury hotel in Britain to attract a foreign client as well as British visitors Offers an memorable stay.

It has the honor of accommodating the rich and famous people the likes H.G. Wells, Judy Garland, Bob Dylan, Marilyn Monroe and few more but there have also been several guests who left feeling spooked in the hotel.

The hotel has long been dogged by reports of ghostly activity on the fifth floor.

A lift in the hotel is believed to be controlled by the ghost of a little girl, who died in the building, is said to haunt the hallway next to room 502 “

Check into the room for a chance to see mysterious apparitions.Listen out and you may hear the eerie rumblings of the lift. Alternative theory: people who couldn’t afford to stay here in their past life decided to ghost it through the walls for a snoop around.

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