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Middle East we are short of words to describe this wonderland-  “A Place of grand architecture”

Middle east is famous for its exotic spices, unforgettable desert ride and full of futuristic cities!. It is a land of mighty rivers, mightier deserts and green landscapes with exceptional beauty. It is the home to some hospitable people. It also boasts snow-capped peaks (the highest is Iran’s volcanic Mount Damavand), lush valleys (particularly in Israel, Lebanon and north Jordan), hip cities (try Beirut, Dubai or Tel Aviv on a Friday night) and world-class diving along the Red Sea and Arabian Sea coasts. Ride camels with Bedouin tribes people across the dunes of the Sahara, haggle for gold in the souqs of downtown Amman, cruise the Nile beneath the white sail of a felucca or float forever in the mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea. Wherever you go, three things will follow: the faint scent of cloves and camel, the echoing call to prayer and the smiles of people that call this place home.

UAE – A place to enjoy a sandy adventure

Welcome to  UAE, hosting jewels like Dubai and Abu Dhabi-

Dubai – city of iconic skyscrapers, palm shaped island, huge malls, beautiful beach resorts and many more. But beyond this there are six emirates with their own astonishing cultures and characters.

Abu Dhabi is oil rich capital of UAE. It is hub of leisure, sports and culture. City where nothing stands still. Sharjah is known for its art and heritage. You can visit the desert parks, Restaurants, Heritage museum. Ajman and Umm Al Quwain gives a glimpse of pre oil days life. One can enjoy mighty hajar mountains in Ras Al Khaimah. For swimming and diving head across to Fujairah to frolic in the clear water of gulf of

Welcome to Oman- land of otherworldly Terrain

Most trips to Oman begin at the heart of the country Muscat where the old port area of Muttrah is a fascinating place to shop. Explore our tours and experience the breathtaking views, iconic sites, blooming flowers, sparkling water, rocky & sandy adventure and many more……. When you explore Oman.

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